Our clients depend on excellent IT to keep their business running, but it’s not what they’re passionate about.

They trust us with the background stuff so that they can get on with their day job.

Our ambition is to blend into the background. We’ll keep your core infrastructure working flawlessly so you don’t have to think about it. And when you need us, we’ll always be there.

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Connectivity Beyond

After a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, you’ll have a choice of strategies on how to optimise and improve your network performance on a global scale.

  • LAN connectivity
  • WAN connectivity
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Unified communications

Hybrid Hosting

Deciding where your data will be stored is never easy. Fully cloud, on-prem or a mix of both – there is always a way to meet your economic and strategic company goals.

  • Virtual machines – IaaS
  • Cloud solution – PaaS
  • Software – SaaS
  • Data center colocation

“System Crew has established itself as a dependable partner in the Rosenheim region's digital economy network (ROSIK e.V.). Despite being competitors in the market, System Crew and their network partners have prioritised knowledge sharing and experience exchange, fostering a cooperative corporate culture that benefits all involved.”

Alexander Dalzio, Managing Director ROSIK e.V.

Extensive Security

Our security approach will protect your data and operations.
Whilst attackers become more innovative with each sunrise, so does our cybersecurity approach. Working with our strategic partners, and continuously sharing knowledge, we ensure multiple layers of protection cover three main attack targets: people, processes, and technology.

  • Data privacy
  • Information security
  • Data security

Modern Workplace

Work anytime & anywhere without taking the data with you. Employees’ needs and preferences require a transition to the hybrid working model. A digital workspace is an ideal solution that will allow you to quickly adapt to unexpected disruptions and explore new opportunities for scalability and flexibility.

  • Standardized desktop
  • Customized apps & hardware clients
  • Endpoint management
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Effortless scalability

Empowered Operations

We will have your IT back. Just a call or a click away. Our dedicated trained agents guarantee you a global 24/7 availability for troubleshooting of any complexity level. With 6+ widely spoken languages, we can tackle any challenge quickly and efficiently.

  • Service management
  • Asset management
  • License management
  • Data backup management
  • Disaster recovery
  • “Remote hands” – subcontractor management

Digital Advisory

Get more than just an IT consultant.
Always have a partner by your side for a constructive dialogue. Anything from a major data centre move to set up new security policies - let us be your IT mentors.

  • Cloud infrastructure transformation
  • LAN & WAN governance
  • Advisory on product portfolio services
  • Process modeling
  • Special software services